Template Synchronization

Updated 3 months ago by Alex Plugaru

If you have Google Chrome installed on multiple devices, you can synchronize your templates between them.

Ensure that you have the extension installed on Google Chrome.

Simply log in to synchronize all your templates.

In order to synchronize your templates with other computers, ensure that you are logged in on the other computers too.

How does synchronization work?

Every time the synchronization process starts, your templates are uploaded and stored to our database via a secure connection.

The uploaded templates can be shared between computers or with other members of your team.

Synchronization not only uploads all your templates, it also updates the templates that have been modified on other computers, and downloads new templates shared by your team.

No templates are ever deleted (unless you specifically demand it)! In order to completely delete your data, please send an e-mail to chrome@gorgias.com.

Why not use Google Sync instead?

While Google Sync is convenient and works well for most Chrome extensions, it’s a bit more complicated for Gorgias Templates.

Here are a few reasons why Chrome Sync is not the best fit for us:

  • chrome.storage.sync is limited to 100KB or 512 items (whichever is first). While this is more than enough for most users, some of our users have large HTML templates and more than 512 templates.
  • The chrome.storage.sync is attached only to one account. You can’t share your templates with other team members (which is important for Gorgias Templates users)
  • It's difficult to debug a synchronization problem when it's out of our control (if it's an issue with Google Servers)
  • It's difficult to maintain two different implementations of synchronization methods

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